There’s snow out there

Ella lifts her head from sleep, listens to the sound of the snowblower, cocks her had, lifts a floppy ear.  I wonder if she remembers it from last year.  The first time she saw snow, she ran in circles around the small tress in the front yard, leaped like a rabbit in and out of it.  Today, after she woke me up to take her outside at 4:00, she stood in the doorway of the mudroom, felt the wind and saw the snow, and asked to stay inside.  When I insisted that she needed to do what she asked to come out for, she went down into the yard and reluctantly circled if a few times and came back in.  Now she’s back in bed, dozing while I write, her had back down, ignoring the snowblower outside.

Maybe if we ignore it, it will go away.

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